This topic describes how to set up a workstation license for Arm Forge.

If you have a floating server license, see Set up a floating license for Arm Forge.

Before you begin

  • A workstation license, is a single file supplied by Arm. If you do not already have this file, request a license.
  • You can append unique identifiers to license file names for storing multiple licenses in the same directory. For example, include client in the client license name, license.client.5678.


  1. Copy your license file to {installation-directory}/licences. For example:
    • If you choose to put the license file in a different location, see Change the license file location.
    • Do not edit the contents of the license file because doing so might prevent the license from working.
    • For workstation and evaluation licenses, you do not need to install Arm Licence Server.
  2. When Arm Forge starts, select Arm DDT or Arm MAP on the Welcome page.

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