Arm Compiler for Linux

Arm Compiler for Linux provides the earliest, most complete, and most accurate support for the latest architectural features and extensions of the Armv8-A architecture. Arm Compiler for Linux supports all the latest Neoverse N1-based processors.

Arm Compiler for Linux is a mature toolchain that is tailored to the development of server and High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, and is supported on all leading Linux distributions: RHEL, SLES, and Ubuntu.

Arm Compiler for Linux includes many powerful, performance-enhancing optimization techniques, including low-level microarchitecture-specific instruction scheduling, including support for Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) instructions.

Arm Compiler for Linux is available as part of Arm Allinea Studio, Arm's commercial end-to-end development suite for Arm-based platforms.


  1. armclang|armclang++ (Arm C/C++ Compiler):
    1. Is built on modern LLVM and Clang technology
    2. Is tailored for HPC and scientific codes, with support for C/C++ standards, OpenMP standards, and SVE code
    3. Is highly compatible with source code originally written for GCC
    4. Implements specifications including ABI for the 64-bit Arm architecture, Arm C Language Extensions (ACLE), and ACLE for SVE and SVE2.
  2. armflang (Arm Fortran Compiler):
    1. Is built on modern LLVM and Flang technology
    2. Is tailored for HPC and scientific codes, with support for modern Fortran, OpenMP standards, and SVE code
  3. Arm Performance Libraries:
    1. Library routines supported for both Fortran and C/C++ interfaces.
    2. Supported library routines include: BLAS, LAPACK, FFT functions, Sparse linear algebra, and libamath
    3. Arm Performance Libraries are built with OpenMP across many BLAS, LAPACK, FFT, and sparse routines in order to maximize your performance in multi-processor environments.
    4. A free, GCC-built version of Arm Performance Libraries for Neoverse N1-based platforms is also available. For more information, see Arm Performance Libraries (free version).

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