Arm HPC tools webinars

These webinars provide step-by-step guides to optimization for improving code efficiency, and they also explore the approaches used to achieve optimization.

You can download the presentations used in these webinars from the Presentations page.

Arm HPC User Group (AHUG) SC20 webinar recordings

Arm and AHUG kick-off to SC'20

AHUG SC'20 Roundtable 1 - Arm Silicon and Solution Providers

The European High Performance Processor Company

Supercomputer Fugaku and its processor A64FX

The K-Supercomputer CPU's design perspective, overview and applications

Catalyst UK the lessons from deploying homogenous Arm-based clusters

E4 and Arm: a long history and a bright future

Running HPC in the cloud with Ampere Altra processors

Move HPC workloads onto AWS Graviton2

AWS Graviton2 performance on S-Cube’s finite-difference PDE workload

Arm, HPC, and the AWS cloud: technologies at the crossroads

AHUG SC'20 Roundtable 2 - On-site experiences of deploying Arm-based hardware and software

What's new with Spack for Arm?

UKAEA use of Arm Catalyst


OpenHPC: project overview and recent updates

Japan and Fugaku's fight against the COVID-19 in HPC

Early results from Isambard 2

EasyBuild on Arm

The NSIMD library, application to EFISPEC3D, GROMACS and SVE programming

Lessons learned for the UK Catalyst programme

Sysadmin's perspective of Apollo 80 / Apollo 70

Evaluation of SVE auto-vectorization

Early experiences with A64FX

AHUG SC'20 Roundtable 3 - Scientific results enabled by Arm systems

OpenFOAM on AWS with Graviton2

Porting BLIS to SVE

Deep learning with Arm SVE

Challenges and opportunities around using SVE in scientific applications

NAMD and VMD performance on Arm GPU platforms

Lattice QCD on QPACE 4

Arm HPC tools webinars

Investigating applications on the A64FX

Preliminary performance evaluation of the Fujitsu A64FX using HPC applications

The effects of wide vector operations on processor caches

On the usage of the Arm C Language Extensions for a high-order finite-element kernel

Porting applications to Arm-based processors

CoreNEURON: performance and energy efficiency evaluation on Intel and Arm CPUs

Performance evaluation of ParalleX execution model on Arm-based platforms

Resolving load imbalances in HPC

Resolving inefficiencies in complex I/O

Application efficiency on HPC systems

Achieving CFD runtime optimization

Guide to optimizing HPC code efficiency

Optimizing HPC memory performance

The what, why, when and how of vectorization

Tips and tricks for porting HPC apps

Regional application profiling with Caliper

Improving Python-based workloads