DSP extensions

Trusted Arm processors with signal processing

Arm Cortex processors with digital signal processing (DSP) extensions offer high performance signal processing for voice, audio, sensor hubs and machine learning applications, with flexible, easy-to-use programming. They provide a unique combination of compute scalability, power efficiency, determinism and interface options in order to perform the signal processing required in multi-sensor devices that do not require dedicated DSP hardware.

Benefits of DSP extensions in Cortex processors

  • Simplify the design, lower the bill of materials, reduce power and area with DSP and ML capabilities on Arm processors across a single architecture.

  • Reduce system-level complexity by removing the need for shared memory and DSP communication, complex multi-processor bus architectures, and other custom ‘glue’ logic between the processor and DSP.

  • Reduce software development costs, as the entire project can be supported using a single compiler, debugger or IDE, programmable in a high-level programming language such as C or C++. 

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DSP ecosystem partners

DSP extensions are optimized for a broad range of software applications, including servo motor control, Voice over IP (VOIP) and video and audio codecs. Arm works extremely closely with its partners to help you get to market quickly and efficiently, ensuring the best performance for your device.

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