Arm Forge is used in research, industry, and academia for C, C++, Fortran, and Python high-performance code on Linux.

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Arm Forge tools include:

  • Arm DDT for easily debugging applications at any scale
  • Arm MAP for creating a visual performance profile to help identify performance bottlenecks on specific lines of code
  • Arm Performance Reports for generating easy to understand summaries of how efficient an application is running on the hardware, as well as providing general helpful advice for improving performance.

To use these tools, you must have a license.

License types

Type Attributes Description
  • Node-locked to a specific workstation
  • Up to 32 concurrent processes (unlimited threads).
  • Managed by one client license file
Choose this license type to restrict access to specific hosts

Workstation licenses do not require Arm Licence Server.
  • Server-hosted using two license files, one local to the client, one on the license server.
  • One seat per user, per node.
Choose this license type to enable any logged-in users to access the tools

Floating licenses require you to download and install Arm Licence Server
  • Free seven-day license.

Choose this license type to use with your free seven-daay trial of Arm Forge.

Evaluation licenses do not require Arm Licence Server.

Arm Forge licensing topology


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Manage licenses

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Add a workstation license

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Set up a floating license

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Change the license file location

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